DJ Tira Biography: Age, Wife, Children, Net worth, Gqom, Cars

DJ Tira Biography: Age, Wife, Children, Net worth, Gqom, Cars

From nurturing Big Nuz career to creating the Gqom rhythm that rocked Mzansi streets in 2017, DJ Tira is hell-bent on taking SA music to another level. Yes, he is a family man dripping with swagger juggling both family and fame, he is here to prove that a successful black man can also be superman. DJ Tira Biography delves more into the renowned artist’s name, age, net worth, family and all that catches the eye.

DJ Tira Biography

  • Background summary
  • Birth Name: Mthokozi Khathi
  • Birthday: 24 August 1976
  • Current Age: 44 years old as of 2020
  • Birth Place: KwaHlabisa Village, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
  • Nationality: South African
  • DJ Tira Wife: Gugu Khathi
  • Children: 3 (two sons and one daughter Junior, Chase and Chichi Khathi)
  • Profession: Record producer, record label founder (Afrotainment), Durban Kwaito artist, and DJ
  • Net worth: $3 500 000
  • Social media handles:    Instagram: @djtira
  • Facebook: @Dj Tira
  • Twitter: @DJTira

DJ Tira Career

How did DJ Tira rise to eminence?

Born in a small village (KwaHlabisa in KwaZulu-Natal), DJ Tira relocated to Durban in 1979. While he was studying human resources at the University of Natal, he develops a passion for working with vinyls. It was in 2001 that he releases his debut record titled Real Makoya, a compilation album which features DJ Khabzela. Kalawa Jazzme signs him in 2005 and from that time, DJ Tira starts making strides.

Where did DJ Tira learn to be a DJ?

Practice makes perfect and this manifests when DJ acquires his first vinyl in 1996 to learn the dexterity. The DJ would host small gigs for parties on campus, popular nightclubs, weddings, and private parties.  He made certain to bring the house down at each show hosted, in turn perfecting his craft. In due course, DJ Tira establishes M1 Entertainment.

DJ Tira’s music expedition to present times.

A star’s glow can never be dulled by a dark night and DJ Tira is one star that will always shine. In 2001, he tips the scales of victory in his favour at the victorious in the Smirnoff SA DJ Knockout competition. Four years down the line, Tira releases three compilations with Kalawa Jazzme and goes on to establish Durban Finest with Sox.

Talent matures with experience and seven years had brewed DJ Tira into a fine record producer. In 2007 for that reason, he launches a recording studio, ”Afrotainment” with DJ Cndo as his first artist. This unlocks doors for him as a music producer and he signs Big Nuz next. The adroit DJ goes on to release a solo project named Ezase Afro Vol:1, featuring names like Bricks, Joocy of Afrosoul, Daddy to name but a few. The solo project becomes a big hit with more than 20,000 copies. The following year, DJ Tira appears on two tacks “Ubala Lolo” by Big Nuz and “Mahamba Yedwa” by DJ Clock. The quest for talent searching continues for DJ Tira and in 2019 he discovers the Qwabe twins and they work on the song ”Hamba”.

Did DJ Tira create the Gqom sound?

How can we ever forget the feeling we had when Gqom first landed Mzansi and other African streets in 2017. Kudos to DJ Tira and his team for making masses dance till they drop every time the Gqom beat comes up.

DJ Tira Albums

  • Ezase Afro Vol:1( December 2013)
  • Ezase Afro Vol:2 (2012)
  • Ikhenani(September 2019)

Compilation albums

Real Makoya (with DJ Khabzela) 2001
Durban’s Finest Vol:1 (with Sox and Ncedo M)  2004  
Durban’s Finest Vol:2 (with Sox) 2005

How many awards does DJ Tira have?

An Artist of his calibre ought to have bagged a ton of awards in his career life.

Awards and Nominations

  1. Metro FM Awards (Durbans Finest Vol:1) won the prize for Best Compilation album: 2004
  2. Mzansi Star (Best Club Dj Award): 2008
  3. South African Music Award (nominated: Song of the Year Umlilo Big Nuz feat. Tira): 2010
  4. Channel O (nominated : Video of the Year Award Party 101 Teargas feat. Tira) : 2010
  5. South African Music Award (Song of the Year )
  6. Metro FM( Best Compilation): 2010
  7. Nominated for Dance Music Awards South Africa Best Live Act 2018
  8. Nominated for SAMA Record of the Year 2019

DJ Tira is the definition of swagger and he has got recognition for it. In 2019, he wins the award for the GQ Best Dressed and he couldn’t be more grateful.

Who is DJ Tira’s wife?

DJ Tira Wife
DJ Tira and Wife

Successful men are always categorised as playboys but DJ Tira is here to redefine the norm. He has the swagger, the looks, the money and is also a family man. DJ Tira’s wife is the stylish and beautiful Gugu Khami. DJ Tira has three children, two boys (Junior and Chase) and one daughter (Gigi). His talent seems to have rubbed off on his children as they are now following suit and aiming towards the same career.

How much is DJ Tira’s Net worth?

Dj Tira is worth  USD$1.5 million.

DJ Tira generates his income from features, album sales, concerts, endorsements and his record label, ”Afrotainment”.

DJ Tira hikes prices.

All that glitters is expensive and the glittering star DJ Tira proves his worth by hiking prices. Recently, the record producer tweeted, “For all artists/ DJs who want Chikichikichaaaaaa on their songs…. the price has gone up! R50k. Verse is R70k. Chorus is R100k.” All artists who want to book him for a feature on any song must make sure to have their coins in order. ‘Chikichikichaaaaaa’ is DJ Tira’s famous ad-lib and masses were not too happy with his exorbitant prices.

Fact Durban Rocks

For the love of music, Dj Tira establishes fact Durban Rocks a little over ten years ago. The event has established itself as the leading bi- annual event in KZN and SA for the finest in Mzansi Hip Hop, House, Kwaito, Gqom and of course Amapiano. Twice a year on the first Saturday of July and on the 31st of December, 18500 people attend per event with 3.2million watching the NYE live show on SABC1.

Will FACT Durban Rocks be hosted in 2020?

A lot of music fans are wondering if the Covid -19 will jeopardise plans for the much anticipated FACT show. Of course not, DJ Tira posts on his Instagram that the show will be on the 25th of July despite the lockdown and coronavirus. Will he pull this off?

Want to buy a ticket?

Visit the website or

contact Chad White (+27828535097)

How many cars does Dj Tira have?

The record producer has a fancy garage graced by at least four known cars that are a Merc G Wagon,  Range Rover SVR sport, a white convertible, and a silver BMW. A renowned DJ always has to pull up in fancy wheels and he is doing an impressive job.

DJ Tira’s Mercedes-AMG G63 Edition 1

Tira owns a Mercedes-AMG G63 which is according to valued at  R3 086 653

Dj Tira's Mercedes-AMG G63
DJ Tira Cars
DJ Tira Car

DJ Tira taking SA music internationally?

The record producer believes in South African artists and is making strides so that they are recognised internationally. In 2019, DJ Tira makes a guest appearance on Beats 1 radio in the US and showed the host and the rest of the country what Mzansi is made of. He took to Instagram and shared his experience in NYC where he was promoting Amapiano, Gqom and house music. If John Cena was moved by Sho Madjozi’s “John Cena” then surely every American can embrace South African Music.

Did Pharrell just embrace the Gqom genre?

“When Pharrell was in South Africa for Global Citizen [festival], he heard this sound. Because this sound is exclusive in South Africa. He heard this sound like, ‘Aye, what’s this sound?!’ He was speaking to Black Coffee. This is not Black Coffee’s style. So Black Coffee’s like, ‘Okay, who am I gonna call? Who that I know represents the sound?’ So he calls me. DJ Tira says before he adds on, ‘Gimme a beat. I’m with Pharrell and he’s going crazy. He wants to do something.’ I send him a beat. Then, same day, jump in the studio, Pharrell lays the vocals.” Talk about the Midas touch.

DJ Tira and Mampintsha’s squabble.

The Big Nuz star and DJ Tira’s friendship stood the test of time when the former decided to go solo and launch his own record label “West Ink Records.” Mampintsha ‘s decision to go solo was not the issue, instead the Big Nuz star’s cunning behaviour wrecked their friendship. DJ Tira requested Babes Wodumo for a gig and Mampintsha just had to tweak the booking fee. With time however, the two kissed and made up, rekindling their friendship.

DJ Tira is scorned for not reaching out to Babes Wodumo.

The renowned record producer and DJ really deserves an award for minding his own business. Which is a good thing although Mzansi dragged him for it. Masses accused DJ Tira for not batting an eye when Mampintsha assaulted Babes Wodumo. But hey the two have already kissed and made up maybe DJ Tira knew it would end up this way and he would probably look stupid afterwards. The DJ however explained that he was not aware of what was going on although he did offered to be of assistance to the couple.

Should business be mixed with personal affairs?

While DJ Tira was doing what he is good at, he got dragged all over social media for promoting Mampintsha’s single. Social media turned into a war zone with masses bashing Zulu men and labelling them as abusive. Gugu and DJ Tira must have regretted posting a video while singing along to Mampinthsa’s song. But should we discard great music because the artist has questionable morals?

Dj Tira’s wife beats up a neighbour

“They attacked my son and then turned around and attacked me. His little brother came rushing and told me ‘come see what these people did’. I rushed to their house to ask what my son did to deserve this and they looked at me with an attitude.”The woman Cindy came at me; she pushed me so hard from the garage into the street where the bicycle was. I landed on it. I literally can’t walk right now,” Khathi explains to the police. It seems DJ Tira’s neighbour has a thing against his family and Gugu had to act on it when the O”Neils pushed her too far. Gugu confirms she threw a punch on O’Neil’s face but she was just speaking on behalf of her son. Every woman has Mama Bear moments and nobody can blame her.

DJ Tira Children
DJ Tira and Children

O’Neils report DJ Tira for breaking lockdown rules

“That man is a problem; you know when you have a neighbour that’s just a pain. I’m trying by all means to live in peace in my house and abide by the lockdown rules,” DJ Tira said prior to O’Neil, his neighbour opening a case against him. “These five houses are all friends with one another and under normal circumstances I don’t care, but they are moving in between houses and visiting one another during the period of lockdown,” O’Neil said. How the grudge started, nobody knows. The investigations are still ongoing and hopefully they do not taint DJ Tira and Naak MusiQ’s brand who was also dragged into this whole ordeal. “I have stuck to the lockdown guidelines as issued by the government of South Africa and I am adhering to the strict security measures as set out by the Estate,” NaakMusiQ comments.

DJ Tira Biography: Age, Wife, Children, Real Name, Net worth, Gqom



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