Professional, unprofessional hairstyles for men racial comparisons causes stir

Professional hairstyles for men and unprofessional hairstyles for men google results racial comparisons cause outrage.

Black people have been outraged by the google search results comparisons of professional men and unprofessional men hairstyles.

Google results classification of white people hairstyles as “professional” and Black kinky hairstyles as “unprofessional” cause massive outrage.

The American black community and the rest of blacks feel offended by google results classification.

One twitter user referred to the results as “deeper than police brutality”

This professional and unprofessional hairstyle comparison surfaced in a moment where people are protesting in the USA in a bid to end racism and police brutality.

Protests were triggered by the death of slain black man George Floyd who was chocked under the knee of white police officer Derek Chauvin. In a video that resurfaced online, Floyd was subjected to knee choking for more than 8 minutes and was shouting “ I can’t breathe”.

Professional Vs Unprofessional hairstyles for men Google image results

Google classifies image results of white people hairstyles as professional compared to unprofessional black counterparts.

Professional hairstyles men google results screen grab
Professional hairstyles men google results screen grab

According to a USA hair cut website, a corporate and professional haircut needs to be classy and not boring. The website which is shown on google results goes on to show types of trendy business hairstyles.

Other google search image results shows black people hairstyles as unprofessional, dreadlocks were notably highlighted as unprofessional. Others would argue that some black cultures e.g. Rastafarian symbolizes dreadlocks as their natural hairstyle.

Unprofessional hairstyles men google results screen grab
Unprofessional hairstyles men google results screen grab

Twitter reacts to hair comparisons.

Its really just algorithms that reflect, and in a way parallel societal input. Essentially you got mad people feeding the algorithm these biased/discriminatory perspectives, and the algorithm just thinks its normal. We gonna have to reteach it.

I understand the concern here & will pass it on to the search team. But I think it’s important to note the results you show don’t actually say those are images of people with unprofessional hair. It’s the opposite, a refutation of that unfortunate stereotype in those & others..


Leon Van Ransberg

Written by Leon Van Ransberg


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